This endpoint can be used for streaming a small number of rows into a table at high frequency. For bulk uploading a large number of records, use the upload post interface.

HTTP Request

POST /api/v1/tables/:tableReference/uploads/:uploadName/rows

Path parameters

This endpoint extends the general API structure

Request body

Provide a JSON object with information about the table.


Edit access to the dataset is required. Your access token must have the following scope:

  • data.edit

Learn more about authorization.

Response body

If successful, returns the following payload with a status code of 201.

  "kind": "insertRowsResponse",
  "rowsAdded": int,
  "rowsSkipped": int,
  "schemaUpdates": [
      "updatedVariables": [{ "name": str, "type": str, "previousType" str }],
      "addedVariables": [{ "name": str, "type": str }]

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