This endpoint is used for creating new tables on a dataset. Tables can only be created on unreleased versions — if the dataset has previously been released, make sure you are referencing the next version of the dataset in the dataset reference.

HTTP Request

POST /api/v1/datasets/:datasetReference/tables

Path parameters



A qualified reference to the dataset. See referencing resources for more information.

This endpoint extends the general API structure

Request body

Provide a JSON object with information about the table.

Property nameTypeDescription



Required. The name of the table. Must be unique (non-word characters ignored) within the version of the dataset.



Optional. How to handle subsequent uploads after the first version. Defaults to "append". Must be one of:

  • append - Uploads in future versions will append to the previous version of the table.

  • replace - Uploads in future versions will replace all data from the previous version of the table.

The upload merge strategy can be changed at a later point via table.patch



Optional. Default false. Whether or not the table represents a collection of non-tabular files, with each row representing a file. Index tables are also referred to as "Folders" in some parts of the user interface. If a table is created with isFileIndex=true, you will be able to add files via the method. Otherwise, for non-fileIndex tables, you can upload tabular data via



Optional. A description of the table, limited to 5000 characters.


Edit access to the dataset is required. Your access token must have the following scope:

  • data.edit

Learn more about authorization.

Response body

Returns the JSON-encoded "get" representation of a table resource.

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