Beta notice We are currently gathering feedback on the Access API endpoints, and while in beta the structure of the API and its response may change. Please submit any feedback (including if this API currently works for your needs!) to your primary Redivis contact, or

HTTP Request

GET /api/v1/datasets/:datasetReference/access/:userName

Path parameters



The userName of the particular user that you want to observe access for


A qualified reference to the dataset. See referencing resources for more information.

Query parameters



Default 100. Must be less than 1000.


For paginating through results, provide the value returned from the previous access.list call

This endpoint extends the general API structure.


You must be an administrator of the organization that hosts the dataset, or, if the dataset is owned by a user, you must be the owner or an editor on the dataset.

Your access token must have one of the following scopes:


Learn more about authorization.

Request body

The request body must be empty.

Response body

Returns a JSON representation of an access resource.

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