This endpoint is used for adding new non-tabular files to a file index table. Files can only be added to tables on an unreleased version of a dataset — if the dataset has previously been released, make sure you are referencing the next version of the dataset in the dataset reference.

When uploading files through this endpoint, you must first upload the file contents as temporary uploads, via the Tables.createTempUploads endpoint. You can then pass batches of the corresponding tempUpload ids to this endpoint to add files in bulk, which is significantly more performant than adding files one at a time.

There's a lot of complexity in uploading data! It's highly recommended to use one of the client libraries to transfer data to Redivis. These libraries take care of the complexities automatically and optimize the upload mechanism and parallelization based on the size of your file, while also retrying on intermittent network errors.

HTTP Request

POST /api/v1/tables/:tableReference/rawFiles

This endpoint extends the general API structure

Path parameters



A qualified reference to the table. See referencing resources for more information.

Request body

Property nameTypeDescription



An array of file objects, which each contain a property "name" and a property "resumableUploadId" Only relevant when using resumable uploads.



The file name.



The id returned by the table createResumableUpload endpoint.


Edit access to the dataset is required. Your access token must have the following scope:

  • data.edit

Learn more about authorization.

Response body

If successful, returns with a 201 status code and the following response body:

    "kind": "rawFileList",
    "results": [
            "kind": "rawFile",
            "id": str,
            "uri": str,
            "url": str,
            "name": str,
            "md5Hash": str,
            "size": numeric

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