The Redivis client library for Python allows for you to interface with Redivis via python. Core functionality allows for reading data and metadata, executing queries, and uploading new data. This library can be used from within python notebooks on Redivis, but can also be run on any other computer with python installed.

import redivis

iris_table = redivis.organization("Demo").dataset("Iris species").table("Iris")
df = iris_table.to_pandas_dataframe()
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Issues and feature requests

Please report any issues or feature requests in the issue tracker.

Using these docs

If you're installing this library for the first time, consult the Getting started section.

Redivis resources are represented by a series of classes, with the methods and properties on each class documented in the Reference section.

Many methods contain examples of their use, and you can view more comprehensive examples of common use cases in the Examples section.

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