This endpoint is used to download the output file(s) associated with a completed export. Calling download on an incomplete or failed exports will return an error.

HTTP Request

GET /exports/:exportId/download?filePart=:int

Path parameters



The unique identifier of the export, returned in the response to

Query parameters



The zero-indexed file number for exports that contain multiple files. The number of files in the export is known based on the fileCount property returned by export.get. To for example, if export.fileCount == 2 , you would make separate requests to download each file, with ?filePart=0 and ?filePart=1

This endpoint extends the general API structure


Data access to all tables referenced by the query is required. If a table's data is not public, your access token must have one of the following scopes:


  • data.edit

Learn more about authorization.

Response body

The response body will contain the contents of the exported file.

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