User$dataset(dataset_name, *, version="current") Dataset

Construct a new dataset instance that references a dataset owned by a user.


dataset_name : str The name of the dataset, unique to the user. The name is case-insensitive, and can optionally be escaped following general name escaping rules. E.g., "GHCN Daily Weather Data" -> "ghcn_daily_weather_data".

version : str, default "current" The version of the dataset, defaulting to the current version. Can either be "current", "next", or of the form "v1.0". If a dataset has never been released, the current version will be the same as the next version. If "next" is specified, but the dataset doesn't have a pending version, subsequent calls (e.g., dataset$get() will raise an error).




user <- redivis::user("imathews")
dataset <- user$dataset("us_political_boundaries")

print(dataset$properties) # Properties will be fully populated after calling $get()

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