Table.create(*, description=None, upload_merge_strategy='append', is_file_index=False) Table

Creates a table. After calling create, the properties attribute will be fully populated. Can only be called if the table is scoped to an unreleased version of a dataset (see example below).


description : str A description to associate with the table.

upload_merge_strategy : {'append', 'replace'}, default 'append' Defines how uploads to the table should apply in this version; that is, whether uploads should be appended to the previous version of the table, or replace it (this will have no effect for the first version as both strategies yield the same result). It will also define the default strategy for any versions moving forward.

is_file_index : bool, default False Whether or not the table represents a collection of non-tabular files, with each row representing a file. Index tables are also referred to as "Folders" in some parts of the user interface. If a table is created with isFileIndex=true, you will be able to add files via the Table.add_files method. Otherwise, if your table contains tabular data, you can upload tabular data via Upload.create.




dataset = redivis.user("name").dataset("dataset_name", version="next")

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