Dataset$create(*, public_access_level="none", description=NULL) → self

Creates a new dataset. New datasets only have an unreleased "next" version, and are only visible to dataset editors until they are released.


public_access_level : str {"none" | "overview" | "metadata" | "sample" | "data"}, default "none" Sets the initial public access level of the dataset (the level of access for any user on Redivis), defaulting to the string "none". However, the dataset will only be visible to dataset editors before it is released. Additional access rules for datasets can be defined through the web interface.

description : str, default NULL The dataset's description, presented as the "Abstract" in the web interface.


self (a Dataset)


dataset <- redivis::user("my_username")$dataset("My dataset")
dataset$create(description="This is a test dataset")

# Support for uploading data is coming soon. See python library for alternatives.

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