Table$download_files(path=getwd(), overwrite=FALSE, max_results=NULL, file_id_variable=NULL) → void

Downloads files associated with a file index table to the directory specified at path. Only relevant for tables that contain at least one variable with a file id.


path : str, default getwd() The path of the directory to download files. Will automatically create the directory if it doesn't exist. If not specified, defaults to the current working directory.

overwrite : bool, default FALSE Whether to overwrite any existing files when downloading. If FALSE, will throw an error if a file with the same name already exists at the provided path.

max_results : int, default NULL If specified, will only download up to max_results files

file_id_variable : str, default NULL The variable in the table containing file ids. Only required if the table contains more than one fileId variable, otherwise the file_id_variable will automatically be determined



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