Limits and Errors


The API is currently limited to roughly 100 request per 100-second interval. The X-RateLimit-Limit header on all responses will be set to 100, and the X-RateLimit-Remaining will reveal the number of requests remaining within the current interval.

If the limit is exceeded for the current interval, you will receive a 429 error with a Retry-After header, specifying when you may resume requests.

Error codes


Parameter(s) are invalid. Confirm that the provided parameters comply with this documentation and that no required parameters were omitted.


Requires authorization token, but no valid authorization token was provided. Confirm that you've specified the appropriate authorization, and that your token hasn't been deleted.


Not authorized. You may not have the correct scope on your access token, or you may not have access rights to the requested resource.


Not found. Note that some resources (datasets, projects) may actually exist but return a 404 if they are not visible to the requesting user (or publicly visible, in the case where no access token is provided).


Rate limit exceeded. The Retry-After header will provide the timestamp for when your quota will replenish. In the future, you should try to reduce your applications rate of API calls.


Internal error. If the error persists, please contact us (